What is U Care?

U Care was formed with the idea that as a New U Life family, we can make a difference! The purpose of U Care is to unite in simple acts of kindness and have a positive impact on lives and communities around the world. By donating our time to giving service to someone in need, we will come together as a team and as a family to give back to the communities we live in.

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The Goal of U Care is to

  • Share wellness with others​
  • Inspire hope and change
  • Bring people together
  • Unify individuals across the globe
  • Improve communities
  • Strengthen individuals
  • Recognize efforts
  • Empower individuals and families

U Care Initiatives

Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope is a great beginning for U Care because it’s a gentle way of passing kindness forward.

Here’s how you can join in our upcoming hope challenge:

All customers and distributors can participate in the challenge and order a bag of Hope Coins. They are located in your New U Life shopping cart for U.S. and Canada for free, while supplies last. These Hope Coins will be passed along for each kind act you commit to doing for someone else.

Once you get your coins and have completed a kind act, record it to see how far your coin has traveled and the kind acts it has created. Post your feelings or thoughts on social media with the hashtag #UCareChallenge to inspire others to help spread kindness and let them know why New U life cares about making the world a better place.

The Hope Challenge


As soon as you receive your coins, commit to doing a kind act for someone else every day.


Once you complete this kind act, give that person one of your Hope Coins. Be sure to write down the unique Hope ID on your coin before you pass it along.


Record your kind act with the Hope Coin Tracker.


Now you can go back, track your Hope Coins, Hope Coin Tracker and watch your act of kindness grow as your Hope Coin is passed from one good deed to another.

Watch your kindness ripple grow as your Hope Coin is passed from good deed to good deed!